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I get an amazing feeling in front and behind the lend of a camera, a feeling of infinite possibilites when expressing quality cinema art, advertising and fashion . My love for these arts came at a very young age and grows even stronger as I continue to mature into my adulthood. My favorite aspects of cinema art, advertising and fashion, include not only entertainment itself, but aslo and especially the possibility to interpret "the experience" that is projected to the viewer.

For me, cinema thrives in areas unreachable to many other forms of art. I like to bring reality to the centre of my cinema, revealing its secrecy and paradoxically letting it become entertaining. Like the art of cinema itself, I like to challenge my limits. Cinema, television and especially the web have helped better expose me to the dimensions and facets of society’s struggles. Such tools have become instrumental in transforming distorted understandings into a broader and clear vision of the reality.
Taking inspiration from Edward Munch, I like to bring out the contrast between materiality and spirituality and between life and death. I enjoy promoting the thought that spirit and death are enigmatic forces that do not oppose life but rather provide sense and energy. As did Donatello and Leonardo Da Vinci, as did Kubrick, I want to try to find an innovation without forgetting to bring with me the rich tradition of art and culture that I have inherited. Perhaps my favorite quote comes from Antonioni. He once said, “We see a continual defeat of the so-called objectivity and at the same time, in any form is usually reliable subjectivity.” I live by and film with this philosophy.

I try to put all of myself into my work.

All the people have a dream... I try to follow mine, give 100 percent and live everyday as if it was my last one.
The word is strange..there can be things that you cannot aspect..
The life is an anventure, is full of stories... and every person is different... this is the beauty of the life...

If you wanna you can tell me your story, your experiences...and a new area can be born...

So, Why Not?


My Best production '09
One of the winnet of Nabawood '09

See Through

My First work like Producer _ Directed By Lauren Hoekstra_ Executive Producer: Simona Ilaria di Michele [Click on the picture and you would see the backstage pics]
Addition to the short-movie (click here to see) , we have done two different editing for Emporio Armani Perfumes AD:
- Inseparable
- See Thru

Nuovo Avvento

My best production 2007. [click the image to see the animation]


- Milano in Digitale 2007;
- Videopolis Film Festival 2007;
- Future Film Festival 2007;
- Nabawood 2007.


- Mi è sembrato di vedere un U.F.O. 2008.
Jan 28, 2014

UnderSense - Trailer


Every human being has his or her own unique mentality ... Sometimes we think we know ourselves, but then we are faced with situations where we marvel at our own reactions.This is where we start to reach the conclusion that sometimes one person has multiple identities, each different from the others...

UnderSense is the journey inside a woman's mind. In the background there is a society in which we find a woman, Alicia (played by Aida Yespica), who does not know how to love, and that is due to compromise. In the life of Alicia belong two people, Shara, played by Gaia Saporito, and Bill played by Alessandro Mario. Shara is another woman, another story. Sarah is "in love" with Alicia. Into this "love" she puts all of herself, becoming the alter ego of Alicia. Shara is a woman, a friend, always present in Alicia's life. A character sometimes inconvenient and unwelcome, and who is the source of great confusion. A strong woman, charming, but who in this case she is charmed. Bill is the boyfriend of the Beautiful Alicia. A fascinating man, in love with her and caring, but only in appearance. Bill is caring, but only because it helps him get what he needs. A man who  tries to understand his woman and love her as she is. In his heart, he knows that something is not right, but leaves Alicia free to choose and live her life. But there's a side of him that lives only for himself: he lives to appear.
I searched and wanted to explain the emotional difficulties with which a woman must fight. Not always have everything means to be happy. There are many roles that are interpreted in real life. It is not always easy to be honest, especially with yourself.

Directed and Writed by Simona Ilaria di Michele
Producer: Simona Ilaria di Michele
Co-EXecutive Producer: Aida Yespica & Gaia Saponaro
Production Manager: Gianluca Arienti 
DoP: Manuel Muccio
Editor: Simone De Domenico

Trailer Editor: Ziggy Molino

Alicia: Aida Yespica
Bill: Alessandro Mario
Shara: Gaia Saponaro

A special Tank to Richmond and Hotel Splendid Royal Lugano.

Showreel 2008 - 2012

Jun 25, 2011

Ventu Gregale

, 40 years old, represents the true soul of the earth who plays the female element.
The woman, who has denied the role of wife, lover, mother, instead of giving life eventually rescinded.

Mario Spinocchio

Assistant Director:
Simona Ilaria di Michele

Production Year:

9 '


Vangale Maria, Salvatore D'Angelo, Maurizio Nicolosi

Mario Spinocchio

Simona Ilaria di Michele

Original Music:
Valeria Nicoletta


Alessandra Colonna

Nov 24, 2010

Mr Brown For HAITI

TRAILER VideoClip _ Mr Brown Is Back In Town

_ Mr Brown Is Back In Town

"MrBrown Is Back In Town"
(A.Pellizzari, S. Cogo)
Produced, arranged and performed by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots.
Marco Salom -- Stefano Guindani


Camera Operators:
Andrè Lucat - Stefano Poletti

Stefano Poletti

Simona Ilaria di Michele

Remix _ Mr Brown Is Back In Town - Dino Lenny rmx

by Simona Ilaria di Michele

News Service

by Simona Ilaria di Michele


Videomaking by Simona Ilaria di Michele


by Simona Ilaria di Michele


- Martina Colombari
- Raoul Bova
- Andrea Bocelli
- Paola Turci
- Andrea Pellizzari

Feb 13, 2010


Still photographers: Michela Bassanello & Davide Barone

Written and Directed by Simona Ilaria di Michele

(In) Visibility is the troubled story between two girls,who live in the same city and met over the internet. A report out of the lines between friendship and eroticism, which shatters on the screen in a continues magma of understood and misunderstood, to keep alive in the ratings viewer the veracity doubt of an uncomfortable reality. Yes, because when two young women fall in love each other, even the spontaneity of a kiss on the street, to the prying eyes of all, becomes an insurmountable barrier. The story unfolds at the pace of a invisible editing of stolen glances, passers deceptively indifferent. To hold everything together, only the adhesive film of a long sequence shot.

Jan 19, 2010


Trailer of the theater show projected by the Media Design & New Media Arts school in NABA (Milan - Italy).

Ispired to Pierangelo Dacrema's books

Idea of
Francesco Monico & Amos Bianchi

Subject and texts by

Simona Ilaria di Michele

Simone Rovellini
Ilaria Bambini
Fabio Mattia
Amos Bianchi

here you can see the Blog.

Partecipation at the Venice Biennale '08
Naba Media Design &Arti Multimediali

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